Single Tooth Implant

If you have a missing tooth, our dental team should be able to easily substitute it for you with a quality dental implant within a single day.

CARE Implants can provide immediate implant surgery and fit crowns on the same day because we have the required state of the art facilities all under the one roof.

For people with a medical condition, such as diabetes or have undertaken cancer therapy, it is recommended that they instead have implants applied in the traditional method. In such a scenario the implant is placed and the patient then waits, while wearing a temporary restoration, for three to six months as the implant fully fuses to the bone (osseointegration). The implant then has the abutment and permanent crown fitted. This method is also suitable for all patients.

Either way, the placement of a dental implant is a minimally invasive procedure done under local anaesthetic or sedation (sleep dentistry) at our centre in the Sydney suburb of Chatswood.

Maintain Dental Hygiene

Upon treatment completion, patients are advised to maintain their dental hygiene through regular flossing and cleaning as well as check-ups, as one would for the continuing health of natural teeth. If a patient does not maintain their dental hygiene a condition similar to gum disease can set in.


Having an implant put in is a permanent solution to the problem of a missing tooth. The treatment and associated charges depends on differing factors and can vary from person to person. While our team use the highest quality materials and equipment, we keep procedures affordable for our patients.

Many patients ask us why our fees are much more straightforward than other dental implant clinics and the reason is that we focus primarily on dental implant treatments. We are accustomed to dealing with large dental implant cases. In addition, we have a comprehensive guarantee in place to safeguard your dental implant treatment. We have had the opportunity to help many people and therefore have thousands of satisfied patients.

From dental bone grafting to aesthetic dental implants our Sydney centre provides the best in prompt and expert care.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner

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